"Partnering with Pastors and Church Leaders"

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Partnering With Pastor And Church Leaders: Closing The Back Door (CTBD), is a rich but simple guide that strategizes, stimulates and steers the conversation of the overwhelming need of the local church to retain their new members.


Practical precepts and principles are shared in CTBD to strengthen or start a New Member’s Ministry to help assimilate members into your church family. It provides an overview and orientation for assimilation of new members and guides them toward meaningful involvement in a church's life and ministry.


CTBD is a straightforward, easy-to-use, interactive resource designed to help empower the local church with a guide to move members from membership to discipleship. The challenge to recommit to the Great Commission and pursue The Kingdom’s agenda is tactfully interwoven through its chapters.


The content is adaptable to any local church and can function well as an individual study, mass corporate bible study or within a small group environment. CTBD is highly recommended for pastor and church leaders to have their entire local church read and dare to ask the hard and sobering questions, “Why aren’t we retaining our new members and how can we close the back door?”




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